JoBerg2c for 'Surgeons for Little Lives'

Surgeons for Little Lives. JoBerg2c mtb challenge charity ride.
21 April – 29 April 2017: 950 km off-road riding!
A group of mad amateurs have agreed to cycle a very long way in order to raise awareness and donations for “Surgeons for Little Lives”.

SURGEONS FOR LITTLE LIVES is a Non-Profit Organisation, which was developed by members of the Department of Paediatric Surgery at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, University of the Witwatersrand.

The initiative was created to improve the care delivered to the children in the greater Gauteng region and has been busy with several projects designed to improve the lives of these young children.

One of our current projects is to build a play-area for children admitted to the surgical ward at the Baragwanath Hospital. Play helps to stimulate children, keeping them active which speeds up their recovery. This
is a far cry from the current situation in which we find the children confinded to their beds or watching television all day. This is due to open on the 4th December 2016.

We’re also working to keep families together at the hospital to give support to the kids. As it stands, children admitted to the ward have to remain on their own without any facility for parents to remain with them.
Many parents either work or live far away from the hospital and thus
only have the opportunity to visit their children over the weekends or when it is time for discharge.

This has many drawbacks, ranging from the children experiencing anxiety and fear of abandonment, to increasing the day-to-day workload
on our nursing staff who need to add motherly duties to their already overloaded professional work duties. We are in the process of designing a new parental facility that would allow mothers to live at the Baragwanath Hospital for the duration of their child’s admission. The facility will include sleeping, ablution, and laundry and kitchen facilities for moms – giving the children much needed relief from an already stressful situation, so they can focus on getting better. The build is on track to begin in January 2017

Our next venture will be, the development of a lactation unit, that mothers can express their much needed breast milk in a relaxed, sterile and dignified manner. At present they do this in a corridor with no privacy or dignity in full view of all that pass by. Breast milk is essential to prevent infection in our vulnerable premature babies. This is one of the strategies we intend to use to decrease our neonatal mortality rate.

Also in the pipeline is the building of a dedicated paediatric burns theatre. At present our children with severe burns need to share theatre time with the adult counterparts. This decreases the theatre time
available and also causes cross infection from the adult patient that worsens their outcome.

These are just a few of our fund-raising ventures that we are looking for sponsorship for. With your help, our cycling race will raise enough money to realise these projects.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to a little life.

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    25 May 2017

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    23 May 2017

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    20 May 2017

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