Bradley is a social auxiliary worker who works for Lesedi La Batho Community Centre, a faith-based NGO providing holistic community development in the township of Mabopane, South Africa. Bradley works as a football coach, reaching the youth of the community through their shared love of the sport. He empowers young boys and girls from an impoverished community, through educating them on life skills and how to go about improving their own life stories. Bradley would really like to improve his coaching skills to strengthen his impact, but he needs help affording the training - as he, himself, is not a wealthy man. This has never stopped him from pursuing his dreams and finding happiness in helping others - and you can help him.

Please watch this video of Bradley to get to know him and his heart better, and please take the time to read this letter of plea written by Bradley...

"Hi Sir/madam,Thank you for reading this letter, where I emphasize about my love and passion on working with people especially kids. I love football as a platform for me to develop my lovely community through life skills training. But the challenge is finance to equip myself through coaching ranks, which I think is very important to be certified in each and everything that we do in life. I hope I could find someone who can help to be pay my fees. Thank you God bless. Bradley"

The training course, for Bradley to acquire a SAFA D License, starts on 12 May 2018 and continues over 5 separate dates until 26 May. The cost of the course is R1500, plus Bradley will need another R1500 for transportation from his home in the township of Mabopane to the city of Pretoria, where the training will take place (R300 x 5 return journeys).

So, the total cost for Bradley to achieve his dream this month is only R3000! Your consideration for Bradley's plea is warmly appreciated. Help Bradley help others through football!

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