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Whenever and wherever people suffer, animals suffer by default.

This is true of the current pandemic too. The economic impact of the lockdown is apparent in the increased need for our veterinary welfare services, the decline in donations and the increase in the numbers of animals being surrendered to our facility. In addition to this, fundraising has been made very difficult under lockdown conditions and we are fast approaching the time of year when the SPCA deals with a massive influx of stray and unwanted animals and as we shift into crisis mode, we are thankful for the support of those who by taking part in the RYC series. 

Runners will be running to our rescue by helping us to feed, shelter and provide veterinary treatments for the animals who will be admitted to our facilities, parasite ridden, emaciated, injured or ill. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to benefit from this event which will enable us to do more for animals this festive season.

It costs the Cape of Good Hope SPCA on average R110.00 per day to provide a safe sanctuary for a rescued cat or dog -that’s R3 300.00 per dog/cat per month! 

Breaking down the average daily care further, it makes giving more affordable so that animals lovers like you may choose to donate any of the amounts below and be comforted in the knowledge you are making a difference.


Will keep a cat/dog fed and warm for one day by covering the costs of dry food and the laundering or purchase of blankets.


Is also the average daily cost spent on rehoming efforts including; phonecalls, pre-placement home checks, printing and stationery and cellphone costs


Will ensure health and happiness by covering the costs of veterinary treatments, time spent with a behaviourist and cleaning costs


Keeps kennel structures in good repair, pays the water bill and keeps the heaters on during Winter

Thank you for going the distance for animals and joining our fight against animal cruelty. Every KM you put behind you means another life saved or another tummy fed or another wound treated. If your legs get tired, think of this and you’ll be able to run with your heart. Your donation no matter how big or small,  Saves Lives!

For more information kindly email Natasha on awareness@spca-ct.co.za or WhatsApp 074 5806022.

Facebook: @CapeofGoodHopeSPCA

Twitter: @capespca

Instagram: @capespca



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    18 November 2021

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    17 November 2021

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    17 November 2021

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