The Gay and Lesbian Network (GLN) – like most South African public benefit organisations (and many South Africans) – is facing challenging financial times.   

While we re-position ourselves and work on longer term solutions to this problem, we need to find additional resources to keep our doors open and sustain our work with, and in the interests of, the LGBTI community.

What we are doing about the problem now…

We are:  

*Seeking funding from new donors in new areas of work (gender based violence; sexual and reproductive health and rights for lesbian, bisexual, transgender (LBT) women;
*Revising our overarching strategy for the next five years to become even more effective, and so, more attractive to national and international donors and foundations;
*Cutting core costs to save what resources we have without shortchanging our constituency;
seeking bridging finance and some in-kind contributions from long-term donors and supporters;
*Calling on members of our constituency and the public for donations to see us through this time of transition. 

What we ask of you…

Our target is to raise ZAR 100,000 this year (2018).

We are seeking ZAR 200,000 in transitional finance from existing donors, and are confident that most of this will be granted. We are saving ZAR 100,000 by cutting operational costs and rationalizing some activities.

In the short term this means that we need to raise at least a further ZAR 100,000 from new donors and from the public.

If you are able, please contribute or subscribe by following the links below. There is no minimum contribution – every bit helps!

Your tax-deductible contribution will make a real difference to sustaining the work of this important and groundbreaking LGBTI organisation.

The video was funded by the European Union.

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