From October to January hundreds of small, fluffy endangered African penguin chicks will be abandoned by their parents at penguin colonies in South Africa.

Left alone they will perish and that’s why we need your help.

At SANCCOB’s specialised Chick Rearing and Nursery Units in Cape Town (Western
Cape) and Cape St. Francis (Eastern Cape), rescued penguin baby chicks receive tender-loving, expert care for approximately three months or until they can swim and catch theirown food. They are then released back into the wild as strong, healthy penguins to hopefully one-day produce chicks of their own.

Over the past eight years, we’ve successfully hand-reared nearly 4 000 chicks at SANCCOB and released them back into established penguin colonies like Boulders Beach, Robben Island, Stony Point, Bird and St Croix Islands.

With fewer than 25 000 African penguin breeding pairs left in the wild – all of them in southern Africa – this conservation intervention is crucial to the survival of the species.

But it’s delicate, time-consuming and hugely expensive.

And that’s why we need your help.

If you agree that we must do whatever it takes to save this highly endangered species, then please be part of the next chick’s story – by making a donation now towards the cost of hand-rearing.

  • R200 buys three boxes of fish
  • R500 helps to buy medicine and veterinary supplies
  • R1000 helps to feed and care for one chick

Be a penguin superhero! Save a penguin chick by donating today.

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