South African Shark Conservancy and Shark Academy have closed our doors until further notice due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) and the Shark Academy are ceasing all activities from the 18th March 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat. After the president of South Africa announced the closure of all schools and tertiary education facilities, the decision to halt proceedings at SASC was taken. All interns and volunteers were advised to leave for their respective countries as soon as possible before relevant borders close with immediate effect. This was further compounded by a 21-day lockdown period all across South Africa.

SASC is an NGO based in Hermanus, Western Cape. Formed in 2007, SASC has become globally recognized for our work on sharks and ocean ecosystems. We employ a holistic and inclusive research approach, working to promote the sustainable use and informed conservation of living marine resources. In addition to our research, SASC is the parent company of the Shark Academy which offers exceptional training opportunities for early-career scientists and conservationists.

Our ocean research is vital for many species of shark, skate and ray, some of which are on the near-threatened list due to the encroachment of humans in their habitat. Our precious pyjama sharks are one such species that need us to continue the vital work we do. There is still so much we need to research and study to save our seas.

As an NGO, we rely heavily on donations from the public and organizations. We started Shark Academy as a means to generate our own funds and train marine biology students. Without our interns and volunteers, we need your help to continue our ocean and shark conservation efforts now more than ever. Any donation is welcome and will be put towards the vital work we perform for our oceans and to keep our lab doors open once the threat of Covid-19 eases.

Don't let this be our final song.

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