COVID-19 Relief

Throughout normal operations, SAVE Foundation supports communities with upliftment programs and education facilities. However, during the pandemic, our focus has shifted to helping members of the community to get through the week. 

Due to the pandemic, and the mass loss of jobs, living in a township has never been so difficult. As residents are unable to pay rent, they are forced to relocate to and illegally squat in unsafe areas that are susceptible to flooding and mass fire outbreaks. Informal housing is made with the use of scrap materials like metal road signs, discarded wood, plastic sheeting and corrugated iron. These materials create many difficulties for families, as the weather turns from scorching in Summer to into icy cold and wet with hailstorm winds or a typical Cape Town Winter.

SAVE helps too provides two hot meals a day to approximately 700 children across multiple educare centres in the communities. These are now 700 children who will not be receiving these meals. We are working to explore all options in getting food parcels to families and ensuring that they are kept on nutritious meals. As we know, nutrition is crucial at a time like this. Statistics are being published showing that those with immunodeficiency are more at risk of becoming seriously ill with the virus. South Africa has the highest HIV/AIDs epidemic in the world, with 7.7 million people living with HIV/AIDs. This hinders the way the body can fight off infections and therefore the Coronavirus.

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9 Fundraiser projects

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