The need

In South Africa 99% of secondary care facilities are owned by men. Women in these facilities who are under financial strain are taken advantage of by the male owners. If women are to successfully combat substance abuse and reintegrate into society, we need to provide them with a safe therapeutic space.

Addiction is an incurable disease that if left untreated, will affect families and cohabitants of the addict herself. Children are left without parents and employers are left without functional staff. Studies show that women who complete a 21 day substance abuse program and continue their 12 step recovery journey do go on to become highly successful and contributing members of their community. Such examples include Demi Lovato, Drew Barrymore and Kelly Khumalo.

Solution to the problem

By establishing a secondary facility solely for women we can ensure that they overcome substance abuse successfully and return to society as active members in their community and workplaces. Save a Life Foundation is designed to bridge the gap between primary care and normal life by creating a safe communal environment for women to defeat their substance abuse problems by participating in a 6 months programme that includes:

Stress, depression and anger management

Counseling, group therapy and meditation

Substance abuse education, lectures and workshops

Substance abuse awareness at schools

On site 12 step support groups (NA/AA/CA)

Overcoming pain and adversity

Financial and debt management

Family intervention strategies

Skills Development

Every single contribution will get us closer to our goal . 

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