Help us save the saola!

All donations made during December 2017 will be matched by Global Wildlife Conservation.

The saola antelope is a critically endangered ungulate, and one of the most threatened large mammals in the world. It is found only in the Annamite Mountains of Lao PDR and Vietnam. The main threat for the species is extensive, illegal, trade-driven snaring in its range, as well as commercial poaching for the wildlife trade.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is fundraising on behalf of the Saola Working Group.

Your donation will be used to support:

  1. anti-poaching teams that remove snares
  2. capacity-building of young Lao and Vietnamese conservationists
  3. establishing the world’s first conservation breeding program for the species

To read more about the rare and elusive saola, visit:

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    29 December 2017

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    26 December 2017

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    22 December 2017

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