Safety First - Social programme

We at Ithuba, aim to provide holistic learning opportunities to all learners, which includes developing their social, emotional and creative skills. In addition to the academic education our learners enjoy, we believe that every child has the right to a safe space as well as emotional and social well-being.

As the school is situated in a predominantly disadvantaged rural community, there is high unemployment and severe underdevelopment in terms of transport, health, civic and educational infrastructures. For most of our learners, Ithuba school represents hope for a brighter future.

Since 2018, we have had a volunteer social worker from Europe working with the learners on a regular basis and we have witnessed the benefits of having a professional attend to their emotional well-being, develop social skills and resilience. We would love to provide this to the children on a long-term, sustainable basis. To achieve this, children need the opportunity to participate in an afternoon program in collaboration with teachers, social worker(s) and psychologist(s).

Our main goals are to:

- Create a safe, comfortable, warm, loving space for the children to feel free (Reconditioned container)
- Co-ordinate a timetable of after-school workshops to provide children the possibility to express themselves in groups through creativity (art, drama, music and dance)
- Develop the children’s emotional intelligence, social skills and resilience (workshops managed by social workers and psychologists)
- Educate learners and vulnerable parents about violence prevention (workshops managed by social workers and psychologists)

To achieve our goals … we need financial support for our project!

Your donation would go towards the teacher’s, psychologist(s) and social worker(s) remuneration and the materials we need. You would be investing in the children’s future. At this point we would like to emphasize that our team has the children’s best interest at heart and our top priority is to build their self-esteem and develop life skills to equip them for better lives and brighter futures.

We are NOT driven by salary but by passion!!

Did we spike your interest? If you want to know more about the social worker’s work at our school, please visit her Instagram Website

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Help us finance the project and fight the cycle of violence and poverty for the children at Ithuba!!



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