Safe Ranger Project - Help protect the protectors

With the currently onslaught of poaching across Africa, the risks rangers face are increasing. Field rangers and anti-poaching unit members have a real need for a first aid course that is practical and involves simulated training in the field.

YOU can assist by contributing to this initiative aimed at protecting the protectors of our natural heritage by donating:

  • R 650 (approximately $50) equips 1 field ranger with a first aid kit
  • R 2000 (approximately $ 150) trains and equips 1 field ranger
  • R 16 000 (approximately $ 1200) trains and equips a field ranger team of 8 rangers

The practical simulations provide the candidates with close to real-life
training in how to handle the different trauma and medical emergencies
that may arise whilst on anti-poaching patrol. Simulations involve all
of the aspects of safely handing a first aid situation – from scene
management and treatment, to basic transportation, problem solving and
hand over reports

All rangers are then equipped with a Ranger Individual First Aid Kit (Ranger-IFAK). This pack has been put together as a primary first aid kit for rangers. Bleeding wounds, sucking chest wounds, fractures can all be treated. The pack is intended to be carried on the exterior of one’s back-pack, chest webbing or belt.

This initiative benefits and improves ranger’s first aid skills in the field by:-

  1. Using Reality Based Training (RBT) and real life examples of the types of scenarios rangers are likely to face while in the field.
  2. Equipping rangers with a Ranger Individual First Aid Kit.
  3. Training rangers on the equipment they have available as well how to improvise.
  4. Using experienced trainers that have a passion and understanding of the context that rangers operate in.

Our training and project partner, MedWise Safety Services is registered under Department of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 - Registration Number (CI No. 661) and has also been endorsed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) as an Endorsed Specialist Training Provider Member Number: 16080.

Courses offered in other African countries will be aligned to international first aid course certification. Medwise Safety Services is an Emergency Care and Safety Institute Accredited Training Provider and a Recognised Educational Content Educational Entity by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.

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