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You'll ensure up to 800 people and at least 200 animals receive the care they need in remote corners of Lamu, Kenya.

Your donation of $3,200/€2,900/£2,550 covers all medicines, veterinary supplies, boat and road transportation costs, stipends, bed and board, as well as clinical data collection to better measure our impact. 

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year! 

A huge thank you to our wonderful January 2019 Sail Sponsors, H2OpenDoors and Novato Sunrise Rotary Club. Our team is currently travelling by boat and road for 4 days across 9 remote villages to get health and veterinary services where they're needed in Lamu, Kenya. 

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Dear friends,

Find out more about the positive impact you are part of in our Annual Report  here.

Thank you so much for joining our #JourneyForChange! With your continued support, we can make an even bigger difference to those living in remote parts of Lamu, Kenya in 2019.


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Mama Daktari!

Our wonderful new boat, Mama Daktari, made her maiden sail in July and has since been carrying out our monthly medical outreach sessions with ease, keeping the team dry and comfortable in the rain! Thank you to everyone, especially Brandee Barker, who made this dream of ours a reality. Asante.




Dedicate a Safari Doctors Medical Sail to someone special or simply because you want to make a difference.

USD 3,000 means you'll ensure over 500 people receive the care they need in remote corners of Lamu, Kenya.

That means kids receive their vaccines on time, mothers and babies stay healthy and no one is left behind.

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The July Clinic is Around The Corner!

This month our team is preparing for a 4-day medical sail across at least 8 remote villages. Our nurse and medical volunteers will treat hundreds of patients, our youth Health Ambassadors will help facilitate our outreach in each village and our wonderful Safari Vet, Cohen, will offer care for hundreds of pets and livestock. #JoinTheJourney and support our sail by donating here, asante!




Our January 2018 Road Trip


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UN in Kenya's 'United Nations Person of the Year 2017'

Umra and the team won "for the outstanding efforts and commendable work providing medical care to marginalized communities in the far reaching areas of Lamu [...] fundamental in making SDG5: Good health and well-being, a reality for the people of Lamu by 2030."


2017 so far... Thanks for joining the journey!


​We're doing fantastic, thanks to you.

| September 2017 Newsletter |

Hello, family! As I write this, we're at sea wrapping up our September clinics. we're buoyant and optimistic, feeding off of the energy from August! Last month was quite eventful. The thousands of patients we've served have responded positively to our clinics and have asked us to keep coming back by all means necessary. We were able to facilitate travel for community members who needed access to hospitals. Thanks to the Polish Embassy, we started building an outpost on Pate Island so that the villages we see monthly have access to something more stable on the ground. This month, before our clinics have wrapped up, our volunteer medics conducted two on-site surgeries for the first time! Again, I thank you for being an agent of change. Happy September!

Umra Omar

Founder and Executive Director, Safari Doctors

First Surgeries On-Site!
| September 2017 Highlights |

This month, for the first time, our volunteer medics conducted two impromptu surgeries on-site on Pate Island. The first was an operation to remove a large abscess from an 11-day-old baby's chest. His father brought him to the clinic to get checked out, and he was rushed to Faza hospital, where the surgery took place. The second was a surgery on a 12-year-old girl to remove a horizontally-growing tooth. Both patients are doing well. Thank you to all of our volunteer medics who help keep our communities healthy!

Comfortable Lives!
Last month in Tchundwa, we met a teenage boy who suffered from 10 epileptic seizures daily. We prescribed him medication. This month, he updated us and told us that his seizures have reduced to 1 a day, and all of the cuts he has that were caused by injuries during seizures have healed!

Our Team This Month
This month, we had more volunteer medics than ever before. We worked alongside four doctors, one of whom is a surgeon, who made it possible for us to provide stellar treatment to our community members. Thank you to our local and international volunteers who make what we do possible.

Smooth sailing, all the way.

| August 2017 Highlights |

Mamina on The Road to Recovery
16 year-old Mamina Athman Chora was among 14 children ambushed and attacked, while travelling in Mararani, in June by suspected militants. 8 people died including 4 pupils. She spent the night hiding with her wounds and was eventually evacuated to Mombasa for treatment. Safari Doctors launched an urgent appeal. Thanks to you, we raised $2500 dollars for her treatment and recovery! Her injuries are healing well and she is due to be discharged from hospital this week. Special thanks to Brandee Barker for all of her support. Mamina is well on her way to recovery!

New Friends, New Partners
Representatives from the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation came to pay us a visit all the way from the United States. The foundation works closely with innovative leaders who are creating change with and in their communities. Bhavna, Danielle, Ishana, and Saleka were a pleasure to have on board!

Eyes On The Prize
Roba Duba, an opthalmic clinical officer, joined us in August after community members asked for an eye specialist. He treated over 200 patientswho were in dire need of eye care!Thank you Mr. Duba and the entire Lamu County Department of Health.

Better serving our community on Pate Island
Thanks to the generous support of the Polish Embassy, we are now building an outreach centre in Mtangawanda village. The centre will act as a training facility for our community representatives, and there will be a nurse and doctor on-site to serve Pate Island. We extend our warmest thanks to the Polish Embassy for facilitating this new venture.

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