Since 2015, the dedicated Safari Doctors team has worked tirelessly to improve access to vital healthcare services among remote and marginalized communities in Lamu, Kenya. Neglect, a lack of infrastructure and insecurity impede access for the indigenous Aweer and Bajuni communities who live within the archipelago and on the mainland towards Somalia.

Each month we make the journey, or safari, by sea and road to provide primary healthcare to up to 800 patients. Safari Doctors also operates a youth Health Ambassadors programme, engaging young men and women who receive basic health education and training, to facilitate our work, empower themselves and their communities.

As parts of our holistic approach to community health, our Safari Vet cares for hundreds of animals. During our outreach work, we provide veterinary services and carry out community awareness sessions on animal health and welfare.

Safari Doctors’ mission is to provide affordable and appropriate healthcare to marginalized
communities in Lamu County. The vision is to have thriving communities in remote settings, with adequate access to affordable health solutions and improved livelihoods.

In 2017, the UN in Kenya awarded the Safari Doctors team the United Nations Person of the Year award, “for the outstanding efforts and commendable work providing medical care to marginalized communities in the far reaching areas of Lamu.”

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Our founder and CNN Hero Umra Omar: CNN Heroes Tribute

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