Safari Doctors was founded in 2014 to support the provision of medical services and advance the health rights for Lamu's indigenous people. The project entails mobilizing a crew of medical professionals to travel around the Lamu archipelago delivering health solutions to the isolated Aweer and Bajuni communities. Given the remoteness and the insecurities, Safari Doctors navigates these challenges by using a traditional dhow. This low technology traditional means is not only cost effective but also sustainable.

The project particularly benefits children and expectant mothers by easing the challenging journey and mobilizing health professionals to their vicinity on a reliable and sustainable basis.

We embark on monthly mobile clinics beginning by sail through Mtangawanda, Kiangwe, Ndau, Kiwayu and Mkokoni as per the needs identified in partnership with the Ministry of Health. This leg of the trip, covering almost 200 kilometers and a population of over 10,000 people, is travelled by sea, serving the villages along the shore. The journey is then set to continue by road to cover the villages on main land that include Mararani, Mangai, Basuba and Milimani. Taking full advantage of the current Ministry of Health structures with community health workers on the ground and nurses in various villages, the visits are organized with localized insight and precision.

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