Since 2015, the dedicated Safari Doctors team has worked tirelessly to provide healthcare services where otherwise there would be none. The indigenous Aweer and Bajuni communities who live near Kenya’s border with Somalia suffer from neglect and insecurity, due to the presence of Al-Shabaab militants in the surrounding area. This, coupled with poor infrastructure, makes it difficult for them to access health services.

So, each month we make the journey, or safari, by sea and road to provide primary healthcare to up to 800 patients. This year, we have treated over 7,000 people across 17 villages! Child immunizations are up 40%, skin conditions are down 30%, the number of expectant mothers visiting clinics for antenatal appointments has doubled and communicable diseases have halved.

The Safari Doctors team is the recipient of the UN in Kenya's United Nations Person of the Year 2017 award.

#JoinTheJourney and make a difference:

Our founder and CNN Hero Umra Omar: CNN Heroes Tribute

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