Farmers in distress // Boere in nood

During disastrous droughts there are very few buyers at auctions, and after a lifetime’s work and development of a farm, these farms are sold at prices much lower than the farmer’s outstanding debt. Moreover, the farmer is still held responsible for the remainder of his debt even after his farm has been sold.

Not everything legal is always morally justifiable.

In die rampspoedige droogte is daar min kopers op veilings, en ná ’n leeftyd se werk en opbou van ’n plaas word dié plase deur banke verkoop teen pryse wat minder as die boer se uitstaande skuld is. Boonop word die boer ná die verkoop van sy plaas steeds vir die uitstaande bedrag aanspreeklik gehou.

Nie alles wat wettig is, is noodwendig moreel regverdigbaar nie.

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