Sanlam Cape Town Peace Trail Run

Our short term wildlife care facility, equipped with full-flight aviaries, aqua pens, small mammal night and day enclosures, a temperature controlled environment for reptiles and an indigenous tortoise garden, saw the admission of 1 725 Wild Animals during the 2016/17 financial year.

These admissions, to name a few included a large number of birds of prey, like Young Rock Kestrels, various Owl species, an African Gosh Hawk and a European Hobby - a very unique visitor, only seasonal to the Cape.

We admitted several mammals as well, including abandoned Grysbok young, injured Steenbok, a Cape Clawless Otter that had been attacked by dogs and a Porcupine that had become trapped in a residential drain. There is no greater feeling in the world, than watching a wild animal return to the wild and this year we were able to witness this no less than 406 times.

Our focus is placed on successfully releasing as many animals as possible. We also undertake mass release projects at approved sites such as Diemersfontein Wine Estate that lends itself well to the release of certain species such as birds, antelope and tortoises.

This means that we were able to return 69.4% of the animals admitted to our
facilities back to their natural habitats and for this, we remain forever
grateful to our generous activists, sponsors and donors.

For more information about how you assist us please contact Natasha Johannes on 021 700 4155 or email



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