Together with the Two Oceans Virtual Charity Challenge 30 March - 30 April, we urge you to register for the race (5.6, 10 or 20km). Igazi will be a beneficiary, and we need your donations to assist with upgrading the Haematology unit at Tygerberg Hospital.  To enter the race, click here:

In the State Sector, unfortunately, there is no will by government to ensure that the units where these patients receive treatment, are upgraded and functioning properly. Therefore, through this campaign, we will be upgrading the Haematology Unit at Tygerberg Hospital, which means that the patients will receive treatment with dignity in a cheerful, healthy environment. This ultimately translates to better outcomes (survival). This Haematology unit is in dire need of upgrading, and there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  This includes repainting and refurbishing the unit, cleaning up the outside garden where they can sit, decluttering and putting up colourful pictures on the walls of the passages and in the doctors consulting rooms, buying new chairs where the patients sit and wait, and reorganizing and upgrading the offices where the admin clerks sit and work.

Because these patients have compromised immunity systems, it is imperative that the place they receive treatment is also COVID ready.  This means that there needs to be good ventilation, social distancing where patients wait to see the doctor, and a healthy clean unit so that they can receive optimal treatment. Through this upgrade, we will ensure that the final outcome with be in line with COVID regulations.

As our volunteers have the enthusiasm, compassion and concern for these patients, nurses, admin staff and doctors, we take on all our projects, including this one. We have previously upgraded Haematology units at two State Hospitals, and the patients who receive treatment in them always comment that they feel they are in a private clinic. We couldn’t be happier with this compliment, and this is what drives us to continue with this work.

Igazi would be extremely grateful if you could donate to this worthy cause.  All those who have donated will have their names put up on the walls of the passage of the unit. In doing this,  you could be saving someone’s life! We thank you immensely. For more information, go to:



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