#GiveAFuture with Routes to Resilience

#GiveAFuture is raising money for our Sygnature Awards programme, empowering young people to become the sustainable, compassionate leaders of tomorrow. 

Every cent donated will be matched by our generous matched giving champions, Sygnia.

Empowering youth to think, lead and live sustainably.

We help young adults develop the knowledge and skills they need to think, live and lead sustainably. Our Sygnature Award programme broadens prospects for youth by developing 21st century skills, a sustainability mindset and the competences to drive leadership in sustainability practice and citizenship in action.

The problem: young people remain an untapped force for change 

There are 3.5 billion young people in the world today - more than double the number of 50 years ago. In the same period, global social and environmental change has reached a crisis point presenting challenges that have to be resolved urgently to secure a sustainable future. Young people are going to be most affected by these. They are also pivotal to their successful resolution. Unfortunately, young people are not being exposed early enough to the principles of sustainability, its challenge or opportunities, and so remain largely untapped as an informed force for change.

The solution: empower young people to be the sustainable leaders of tomorrow

The Sygnature Award meets the growing need for young people to gain a deep understanding of the principles of sustainability and how to put them into practice.  This unique programme developed in collaboration with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (SA) provides youth with knowledge of key concepts of systems-thinking, complexity theory and 21stCentury skills giving them the powerful opportunity to become future-fit, to be able to make better informed life and career choice decisions and to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

    Our impact: tipping the balance towards a sustainable future

    A Sygnature Award provides youth with a certificate of achievement and portfolio of evidence confirming their successful completion and active participation in a multi-dimensional programme that inspires, informs and ignites their capacity to act as environmentally literate, informed and capable citizens. Demonstrative of evidence of leadership in sustainability practice, we believe this gives them an increased chance of succeeding in a rapidly changing world. Ultimately we believe these youth will make it possible to significantly tip the balance towards a sustainable future.

      So please help us to #GiveAFuture to young people so they can give a future to the planet and to us all.

      Routes to Resilience is an Impact Trust initiative: the Impact Trust works with clients including companies, schools, governments, academia and civil society organisations to further sustainable development. 

      More information: https://routes2resilience.org

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