Rhinos Without Borders

The creation of Rhinos Without Borders was a response to the alarming rate at which poaching was, and is, increasing in South Africa.  The illegal trade in rhino horn has seen the number of these magnificent creatures poached throughout Africa rise significantly in recent years. With one rhino killed every eight hours, more of these iconic African animals are being lost to poachers every year, than are being born.

andBeyond and Africa Foundation decided that translocations would be fundamental to securing the ongoing survival of this endangered species. In 2013 andBeyond carried out the first ever private game reserve donation of rhino to another country when it translocated six white rhino from andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa to Botswana’s Okavango Delta, which has been proven as a safe and successful rhino translocation habitat.

Following the success of this project, andBeyond partnered with Great Plains Conservation to translocate a further 100 rhino from South Africa to Botswana in an initiative designed to help counter the scourge of poaching and preserve this African icon for future generations. Enough funds were raised, and the first two batches of rhino were successfully translocated to a safe haven in Botswana. 

A critical component of the success of this initiative is the close relationship we enjoy with communities  - our eyes and ears on the ground.  We aim to continue to make the citizens of Botswana- and those living close to the conservation areas in which rhinos reside- our partners in the protection of rhinos, and of the natural resources on which we all depend.

To date, 87 rhinos have been successfully translocated to Botswana.  Unexpectedly, a significant number of calves have since been born to these original 87 rhinos; a testament to the dedication of those involved, and the health and safety of this source rhino population. The addition of calves born to the translocated animals have resulted in a total number of rhinos that far outnumber the original translocation target of 100.

In light of this overwhelming success, Rhinos Without Borders will cease any further translocation of rhinos, and instead concentrate further funds raised on monitoring and protecting those that have already been successfully translocated- as well as their offspring. Additionally, the unfortunate increase in poaching in Botswana recently has placed the safety of these animals as the main concern for Rhinos Without Borders, and with continued support from collaborators, donors and locals, the next generation of healthy rhinos can be secured.

For more information on this initiative, visit: www.rhinoswithoutborders.com.

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US resident? It may be more beneficial for you to donate through our 501(c)(3) partner Africa Foundation (USA): https://africafoundation.org/donate/UK resident eligible for Gift Aid? You can donate through our registered charity Africa Foundation (UK): https://www.justgiving.com/africafoundation

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