We believe passionately in the preservation of the pangolin - the world's most trafficked animal.
Our highly trained staff, working with ProVet and all authorities, are taking on the challenge of receiving these traumatized pangolins, seized from poachers, rehabilitating them and releasing back into the wild with telemetry trackers to monitor them.
However rescuing individual animals is only one part of the solution and to protect pangolins Rhino Revolution believes it is critical to work in a more holistic, collaborative way. Therefore, we are also working closely with anti-poaching, education and community outreach specialists in the Hoedspruit area, so we can all learn, share best practice, and understand who the key influencers are. The goal is to build better links with local communities to address the escalation in poaching.
Thank you to Mike Kendrick for the image and @JustinSullivanZA  for the video.

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