Rhino Revolution is tackling the escalating rhino poaching crisis with a unique three step approach, through
(i) implementing tough and innovative anti-poaching measures today
(ii) rehabilitating orphaned calves for release back into the wild
(iii) educating and inspiring the young people of the impoverished, local communities – the conservationists of tomorrow.

Rhino Revolution is located at the heart of South
Africa’s greatest rhino population – the Greater Kruger Area, and consequently is at the epicentre of the poaching crisis.

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2 Fundraiser projects

Tony & Suzanne’s 20th anniversary fundraiser!!

By Suzanne Gates

Instead of gifts to us, help save a rhino!

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Jada's 10th Birthday Fundraiser to help save the Rhinos

By Matina Hollis

We would like to help Jada raise some money for her birthday to save the Rhinos in South Africa.

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