The Rhino Peak Challenge (RPC) has been in existence for 4 years and is a Conservation Fundraiser organised by the event company, Running Man Adventures. It involves volunteers and invited guests ascending the Rhino Peak in the Southern Drakensberg and raising funds for Rhinos, Vultures and Cranes while doing so.

Traditionally, the RPC consisted of 3 invited groups of 12 influential people from the worlds of Conservation, Sport, Business and Entertainment to take part in the Challenge. Each person was tasked with sourcing pledges from their respective networks and these pledges were made prior to the event and paid after the event. The format was very successful and resulted in over R1.5m being raised for our beneficiaries over the past 4 years.

This year however, we have decided to open the opportunity to 36 members of the broader public to be a part of the Rhino Peak Challenge and have asked people who are interested in being a RPC Ambassador to send us motivations as to why they’d like to join the fundraising effort. A condition of their application needs to be a commitment to raise a minimum of R10,000 as part of their participation in RPC 2020.

We have also tweaked the allocation of the funds to our beneficiaries in 2020. In the past, all funds were split along a 45:45:10 ratio between Wildlife ACT, The Endangered Wildlife Trust and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife respectively. This year, to create a bit of spice and healthy competition, we will be dividing the 36 participants into 3 teams of 12 with each Team competing against the others to raise as many funds as possible.

The 3 Teams will be called the WACT, EWT & RMA teams. The WACT and EWT teams will retain all the funds they raise, excepting the 10% portion they owe to EKZNW, and the RMA team will allocate their funds along the traditional ration of 45:45:10 amongst the beneficiaries.

Donations can be made on this GivenGain platform and larger deposits can be made directly into the linked bank account listed below (to avoid extra fees). Deposits into the bank account must reference the Ambassadors name followed by their Team name. Eg. Smith-RMA

ACCOUNT NO – 62755725771
BRANCH CODE - 221025

Choose your Team / Runner and help support their efforts!

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    Lizzie Hide

    R20,260 raised

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    Duncan Land

    R11,000 raised

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    Katy Roach

    R10,482 raised

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    Brett Campbell

    R8,200 raised

25 Fundraiser projects


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  3. Shelley Leisegang

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Fundraiser projects

25 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Wildlife ACT Fund

By Rethabile Hlalele

Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Rhino Peak Challenge 2020 to raise money for Wildlife AC...

2.5% Completed
R250 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for Wildlife ACT Fund

By Guy Cluver

Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Rhino Peak Challenge 2020 to raise money for Wildlife AC...

55% Completed
R5,500 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for Wildlife ACT Fund

By Taryn Strydom

Hi! I need your help. I'm raising money for Wildlife ACT Fund, who do great work for a cause that...

2% Completed
R200 raised
R10,000 Target

Wildlife ACT Volunteers raising funds for Rhino Peak Challenge

By Lizzie Hide

This is a true storyOf 12 strangers,Brought together because of their love, passion and dedicatio...

98.8% Completed
£988 raised
£1,000 Target