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From rescue to release - saving pangolins in South Africa

We need your help to raise funds for the rescue, rehabilitation and
release of Temminck’s pangolin into areas where they have been
ecologically extinct for decades.The funds raised through this
campaign will be distributed equally between the African Pangolin
Working Group
and The Pangolin Reintroduction Project at andBeyond
Phinda Private Game Reserve.

The African Pangolin Working Group is the only organisation in South Africa mandated by DFFE to oversee all aspects of pangolin conservation in South Africa. The Group develops resource materials for workshops for law enforcement and prosecutors, funds telemetry that tracks each released pangolin and sets up Standard Operating Procedures for the rehabilitation and release of pangolins
back into the wild.

The re-introduction of this iconic species to andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal region, is a world first for pangolins, with research possibilities that could have important implications in all the ranges of this threatened mammal. The Pangolin Reintroduction Project at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve is a collaboration effort and it is fitting that this fundraising campaign celebrates this ground breaking work in South Africa for this
beleaguered species.



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