Relocating Mufasa and Soraya

We are in the middle of the legal fight to get Mufasa and Soraya to a sanctuary, however we have to look forward and start thinking about their future. Our legal team has identified a preferred sanctuary and a letter of confirmation to confirm their future care is in our hands. The building of a totally new enclosure has been sponsored by an anonymous sponsor.

We are still working on getting sponsorships for certain aspects. This campaign focuses to raise funds to relocate the two lions from their current location to their future home, including veterinary care-darting, vets accompanying lions, the relocation of lions as well as travel and overnight costs for humans involved in the relocation.

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  1. Cathy Chance

    26 March

  2. Sandra Dresen

    29 January

  3. Bjorn Van de Casteele

    22 January

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