Where does one even begin speaking about the challenges that we face today. 

COVID-19 has gripped the world in fear and placed people's lives on hold or in turmoil.  To our First responders, Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Cleaners, and all essential services who constantly day in and day out pour out their lives on the front line for us we salute you. 

To our president we honour you in this difficult time for taking a stand to protect our people within South Africas borders. 

However lockdown may look for each and everyone of us together we can weather the storm and grow as a nation. 

Lockdown for us looks completely different for the average household.

We have currently 40 children in our care all of different ages ..... you can imagine the challenges we are facing on a daily basis ranging from meeting the basic needs of nutrition, medical to homeschooling a multitude of children all in different grades due to lockdown. 

Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined attempting homeschooling. 

Every day is a challenge in it's own as the boundary fence serves as our protection from the outside world. No visitors or volunteers grace our property to shower their love on our children. 

We embrace each day as it comes and are truly grateful to our staff who have stayed behind to care for our children. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. To the King family who continue to give of themselves at this time, we honour and salute you. 

As an organization we would like to kindly make an appeal for donations big or small to help us keep going through these challenging times that we face.

To keep our doors open in the months ahead we are needing close to R150 000
In running costs. Running costs include paying staff, keeping our lights on, sanitation services, food costs, transportation, administrative expenses, schooling expenses, etc. We would truly be grateful for any and every bit of assistance to help us keep running the race of helping the orphaned and vulnerable within our borders

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