Ravensmead Ecd Centre

Our centre currently dont have any running water or electricity.

This is a a basic need that we think our children and centre deserve. 

We hosting 70 children daily and 20 aftercare children. Our centre canont expand to its full capacity and to be the best in the community due to this basic need 

We currently use rain water and gray water for our toilets. 

We buy or bring water from home for drink and cooking needs 

Funds is not always available to buy as most of our children come from disadvantage home and single parents that is unemployed 

In dark mornings we use regable lights 

We provide two meals and two snacks daily to the children due to the fact that we dont have electricity we unable to buy certain food in advance we have preparing food on gas stove and still in need of gas fridge 

We try as far as posible that this dont bring our centre down but have affect on certain things that can help us to be the best in community Our centre can host up to 150 children and this is one of the reasons we unable to host that amount of childrdn due to the water and electricity problem we cant wait the dau tjat we are able to just switch on a light or tv so that the children can watch education programs. 

You are more than welcome to come have a look at our centre in what our potential will be if we have running water and electricity 

Please help us to overcome this dark cloud in our centre. Every drop will help us to become better.