Raise the Bar

The late Arthur Chaskalson, former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court and one of the founding members of the Legal Resources Centre, believed strongly in the principle of transformation in the legal sector. Transformation is critical for South Africa, and has become a key focus of the LRC.

The Arthur Chaskalson Fellowship was launched in 2016 and recognises the barriers to transformation that exist in the legal sector: including limited access to training opportunities, the need to have social and financial capital in order to enter the profession and the existing discrimination within briefing patterns.

The first two Fellows began their legal careers as pupils in the Constitutional Litigation Unit of the LRC in 2017.

"The fellowship further assisted me reach a dream that could have easily been buried. Therefore the fellowship to me was a further expression of how far public interest goes, more so, in the empowerment of those like me, a black woman. We often hear the utterance of the words “black excellence” but the reality is that without funding, many will fall through the cracks and be forgotten." - Yanela Ntloko, 2017 Fellow

The Fellowship aims to remove these barriers by providing the necessary means and support for young, previously disadvantaged people to get training, make connections, and be financially sustained; all within the collective structure of the Legal Resources Centre.

Help the LRC, through this Fellowship, to contribute to South Africa by
providing the platform for transformation.

The Fellowship is not just providing a foundation for a legal career, but is providing the foundation for social justice.

"The Fellowship gave me an opportunity to work within a dynamic organisation that has been at the forefront of social change for almost four decades. This past year has taught me that social justice goes beyond the litigation of cases. It is about fostering relationships with communities with the aim of ensuring sustainability even after the litigation process is complete; seeing the world through our client’s eyes and creating platforms where individuals and communities actively participate in the fight towards social justice." - Phumzile Mdakane, 2017 Fellow

Help us to Raise the Bar. You can make a contribution to the fellowship today through #GivingTuesday.

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