"RANDS FOR RAD" strives to support the ongoing "ADOPT and ARTIST" projects which identify talented rural youth and assist them with mentors including; Artscape Partners such as Cape Town Opera, Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and other ARTS facilitators/volunteers. This will enable us to build local groups of musicians, dancers and visual artists,under one foundation banner to enable them to:

  • Be INSPIRED by workshops and training with accomplished facilitators and established bands/dance/drama groups and artists.
  • ENGAGE in events, competitions, workshops and parades.
  • Participate in opportunities to EDUCATE them with "Train the Trainers" workshops, mentorship projects in training for future employment opportunities within the ARTS community - such as employment in the military, facilitation of their own groups, project and events co-ordination, sound engineering, costume design and manufacture.

Our goal is to maintain a total of 100 youth engaged in our "ADOPT AND ARTIST" projects. All projects include the #AWAM "Arts with a message" where youth share messages of substance abuse, domestic violence, bullying and youth relevant issues through their art form.

Donations will enable us to continue to develop these talented youth, keeping them off the streets and in our projects, where we focus on educating/sharing important messages through the arts.

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EVERY little bit helps! Visit our website www.radfoundation.co.za or contact our CEO via email : helengooderson@netactive.co.za

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