Racing for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo

I had the opportunity to meet Baba Atseko Isaac, administrator of medicine in the dioceses D'ARU for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The needs of his organization are great and we would like to partner with individuals and corporations around the globe to help the less fortunate and marginalized.  Funds that are raised will help them facilitate training locals in the 3 hospitals and 7 health centers, each training will target 8000 individuals in providing information on sexual assault, malaria, HIV,  clean water, family planning, and other import health related issues.  We are very fortunate and blessed living in the west and encourage you to join us in remembering and helping those who are in need.  

Matthew 25:41-45

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We are raising funds for D'ARU in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

By Team Miller Paneling

I had the opportunity to meet Baba Atseko Isaac, administrator of medicine in the dioceses D'ARU ...

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