For over ten years, the Right2Know Campaign has been a vital movement for openness, transparency, freedom of expression and democracy in South Africa. People from all walks of life have united under R2K's banner to stop the Secrecy Bill, challenge SABC censorship, protest against police brutality, and shine a light on surveillance abuses.

Now we need your help.

The Right2Know Campaign has emerged from a challenging period with a renewed strategy, a renewed leadership, and a renewed vision to build R2K as a self-sustaining movement to build a more open, democratic South Africa.  

But this vision is now at risk. Some internal challenges of the past two years, compounded by the current economic crisis, have left us with a funding shortfall that threatens the future of the organisation. 

As we implement our renewed strategy and vision, with a renewed leadership, we appeal for your help. We aim to recruit 100 supporters able to make a monthly donation of any amount. For as little as R100 a month, you can help ensure R2K has the resources and security we need to ramp up our work on the ground and respond to the deepening crisis around us.

We know this is a time of hardship for many. If you are not in a position to become one of our 100 monthly donors, it is also possible to make a once-off contribution. If you aren't in a position to contribute financially, you can also help us by sharing this campaign on social media.

This is a worrying time for South Africa's democratic space. The global pandemic deepens our social crisis, civil unrest and political instability are fuelling repressive clampdowns, and corruption and lack of accountability continue to plague our institutions.

This is a time when the free flow of information – the right to know, speak, and be heard – is more vital than ever.

Working together, we can defend the democratic space in South Africa – and with your help, we can build a more just, accountable democracy for our future.

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  1. Glen Tyler

    7 January

  2. Robert Berold

    3 January

  3. Alan Williams

    31 December 2021

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