Education is essential - and the first 5 years are the most important. We empower women from marginalised communties by offering a variety of ECD courses in the Helderberg area:
Baby and Toddler Training Course
Basic ECD Development Course
Basic ECD Teacher Training Course
Advanced ECD Teacher Training Course (which includes a Resource Kit)
ECD Business Management Course for Principals (which includes an Office Kit)
Teacher Enrichment Workshops
Best Nutrition Workshops (which includes a Cooking Kit).

Each trained teacher can positively impact hundreds of children between the age of 0 and 6 years, ensuring they start formal schooling with a solid foundation.

There are costs for venue hire, stationery and printing, refreshments, expert presentations (such as a nutritionists, child psychologists, occupational therapists), etc. We also need teaching and learning resources as our courses are very practical - plus we provide resource kits where possible.

Added to this are the costs for mentor visits to the ECD Centres to ensure training is implemented and there is ongoing guidance and support. All donations to this campaign will assist us with maintaining this programme until March 2020.