Help us protect 10 000 hectares of land in 2020!

Why we need the extra help in 2020? 

* The Eden to Addo Corridor is 100 000 hectares.

* To date we have protected 50 000 hectares.

* Our goal for 2020 is to protect a further 10 000 hectares.

* Due to COVID 19 we had to cancel our biggest fundraising event of the year, a 20 day hike that spans the distance of the corridor. Thus we are short of R200 000.00 to reach our goal. 

A Conservation Corridor is an effective pattern of habitats linking existing protected areas to ensure ecological connectivity for species, communities and ecological processes. At it’s simplest a conservation corridor is a strip of land connecting two protected areas. In recent years conservationists have acknowledged that putting a fence around an area and proclaiming a park or reserve is insufficient to protect the patterns and processes that are required for proper ecological functioning at a regional level.

Fragmentation of the landscape causes the death of species and therefore a decrease in biodiversity. A key element in conservation biology is reversing the extinction of species.

The Eden to Addo Corridor is unique since it encompasses seven of South Africa’s ten biomes. The mega-reserves formally protect a large percentage of the area. However, between the parks are strips of land owned by civil society. These strips of land or corridors connect the parks and mitigate fragmentation of the landscape.

Eden to Addo’s mission is to assist and engage with civil society and all stakeholders to identify and develop the living corridor by applying sound land-use practices, encouraging a diversity of environmentally sustainable livelihoods and linking ecologically important areas, for the benefit of biodiversity and the extended community.

All funds raised in this campaign will be used to protect a further 10 000 hectares along the corridor.

If you support the work that we do, please consider donating so we can keep progressing towards our vision.

For more information on the organisation or the annual hike you can visit our webpage:

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