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Our organisation takes it’s name from Ahimsa, a sanskrit word meaning ‘non-violence’. The Trust has been created to promote non-violence, reconciliation and respect for nature and human nature through yoga.

For the past year Ahim'SA has been fully self-funded.

We are fundraising for our pilot project, which is to acquire land and build Ahim’SA House. The money will be used to:

  1. Build the Ahim’SA house, the purpose-built facility needed to provide the activities and safe haven,
  2. Finance the operational aspects of such a house (food, water, security and utilities)
  3. Pay the local people working for the organisation (yoga teachers, social worker, house keeper).

When you donate towards Ahim’SA House, you give people access to:

  1. A facility for free instruction of techniques of nonviolence and related philosophy
  2. A base where professionals can provide health, social or psychological assistance
  3. An arena for awareness and training on the protection of nature and human nature
  4. An emergency reception unit to assist those affected by violence
  5. Upliftment and empowerment

Construction is slated for 2019.

Any donation will make a difference, however, we will acknowledge donations of ZAR2,000 or above with recognition as a supporter on our website. For donations of ZAR10,000 or more, we will provide 1 night's free accommodation in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Donors can then visit Imizamo Yethu township and join our activities there.

According to the Global Peace Index, the two stand-out marks against South Africa are in terms of violent crime and homicide, which are among the worst in the world.

This is apparent in the societal safety and security category, where South Africa ranks within the bottom 20 in the world – 18th – while the murder rate makes South Africa the 8th most violent with a rate of 33 per 100,000 people.

Donate now to bring a greater appreciation of non-violence, living togetherness and respect for life to the 35,000 people living in the Imizamo Yethu community.

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    3 March 2022

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    28 February 2022

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    20 January 2022

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