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The Global Mental Health Peer Network, a global platform that is the first global organisation dedicated to empowering, strengthening, and catalysing the voices of persons with lived experience. Our goal is to help cultivate a new generation of global lived experience leaders to empower and develop leaders worldwide to drive change and transformation in the global mental health sector.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To develop global leadership of lived experience;
  • To create a platform where persons with lived experience can share their views, perceptions, experiences and recommendations;
  • To become the first truly globally represented lived experience organisation in the world, who would be instrumental in driving change and transformation, in every country.

To continue sustaining our global reach through our online platforms, we are looking for funds to cover costs related to Zoom, Survey Monkey, Website hosting and domain, and Data. To achieve this goal to finance our online platforms, we would need to raise 10,000 USD. Every bit counts - a little goes a long way!

This is what our members say ...

  • The quality of your [GMHPN] website, as the primary site of information about the organisation is paramount, as is accessibility and clarity. It emphasises the credibility of the GMHPN, establishes who we are, what we stand for, who is involved and communicates our actions and impact. It is as essential a communication tool as social media platforms are, these days, with most meetings being hosted on Zoom or Teams platforms and online forms and surveys allowing communication between the global stakeholders who are members of this organisation. ~ Shaun McNeil
  • The GMHPN is a very important 'Mental health Care' Support System for me as a person living with PTSD who tries not to get triggered by traumatic events happening the world over daily ~ Marie Abanga
  • As person with lived experience, the platform allows to feel a sense of belonging ~ Juliet Nalukwago
  • Global Mental Health Peer Network platforms have empowered me and my advocacy works. My mental health advocacies reach various nations, and I improve my network with the mental health global movement. It is a great honour to be part of GMHPN and keep making an impact to others. ~ Agus Sugianto (Anto)
  • Connecting with fellow peers in the global network is easier with WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn [GMHPN]. Those are the three go-to social media locations I use for networking and sharing information. I also gain so much by the sampling of shared material from the network. I am learning about the power of recovery through GMHPN on a regular basis! ~ Laura Van Tosh

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to connect with you.

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