MARAWI CITY, Philippines. In 2017 a war broke out between ISIS-inspired insurgents and the Philippine Army to capture the Islamic City of Marawi. It was dubbed the Philippines' bloodiest and most violent battle since World War 2. One year after the Marawi conflict, over 100,000 children remain displaced. Risks for children affected by the conflict are increasing.  Today, these people are still trying to recover and the children - war's biggest victims - are left traumatised, living in tents and shelters. 

As part of the psychosocial development and healing, we are committed to building at least one five-a-side football pitch for the community where hundreds of conflict-torn children have a chance to play, learn and be protected.

These community football pitches will act as a hub for play and collaboration, learning and development, promoting the positive values of inclusion and respect. Furthermore, we will be able to empower and prepare children about the ever-present dangers that surround them, giving them a chance to protect themselves and be firm against the threats that can further damage their childhood.

We intend to give them sustainable and long-term solutions, leading these children to be reintegrated back into a productive and peaceful society. 

Watch our recent video where children from Marawi experienced a sports tour of Manila,  and had the privilege to meet the Philippines Men's National Team Manager Mr Dan Palami and Her Majesty's British Ambassador, Daniel Pruce!

Football for Humanity's reach and impact 2017 -2018

- Reached over 40,000 children

- Built 5 football pitches 

- Teachers trained 45

- Food relief over 3,000

- School supplies over 15,000

- Partnered with the Philippines national team, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the British Embassy.

Thank you for reading and we hope to collaborate with you on many of our projects.

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