Potable Water for Rural Communities

BoMake Rural Projects works to make a sustainable impact in Eswatini through community development projects that empower rural women and their families. Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects are an important part of our Health programme. Our mission is to provide potable water in 52 rural communities of Eswatini where Gone Rural women weavers reside. Gone Rural is a social enterprise providing access to income and economic empowerment for Eswatini's rural women, through handcraft and basketry.

In many of these communities, streams and unprotected wells are the only sources of water used for consumption and other purposes. Residents share this surface water with livestock and there is no effective protection against bacteria and chemicals, creating openings for waterborne diseases and other diseases related to poor hygiene.

BoMake Rural Projects' WASH projects are focused on drilling boreholes to tap into uncontaminated underground water. The borehole is either linked to a centrally located hand pump, where community members can collect water, or fixed with a solar-powered pump to raised tanks from which water flows to standpipes located in different parts of the community. As homesteads are often scattered around the area, the solar-powered system has the advantage of bringing water closer to households. 

Our target of E330,000 by the end of October will enable us to install one solar-powered water system in a selected community. Your contribution will not only help another community gain access to safe household water but reduce the risk of disease and support agricultural initiatives. Donate now so we can reach E330,000 before November!

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    14 December 2019

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    3 December 2019

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