Playing For Pride

Our in-person Pride games, marches and celebrations may not be happening, but there are still plenty of ways to show our pride and celebrate the LGBTQI+ community as athletes, teams and leagues. 

In 2017, Major League Soccer Player Austin da Luz saw the LGBTQ community in his state come under attack, and started Playing for Pride as a way for professional soccer players to show their support for LGBTQ inclusion in and through sport. In the years since, Playing for Pride has mobilized athletes across sports, teams, leagues, sport reporters and fans to support LGBTQI+ inclusion in and through sport.

This year, the LGBTQI+ athletic community needs our support now more than ever. Our community Is facing Increased risk from COVID-19, Increased levels of depression and anxiety, and higher rates of hate crimes. Sport is a tremendous outlet and source of community, and we're hard at work to expand our free online LGBTQI+ trainings for coaches, our research on inclusive athletic spaces, and our work advocating for the rights of all athletes to play the sports they love.

Join athletes, teams and leagues across the globe in Playing for Pride this June and helping make sport inclusive for everyone -- regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

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