Kids for Africa Sports Academy is a grass-root organization founded in February 2009 in the Masajja B zone of Uganda. It was initiated by  Asimwe Marvin after witnessing his peer in the community getting involved in drugs and addiction tendencies.

From the start, children and youth in our communities have been at the core of our work and services. Children are more susceptible to influence, therefore creating a positive environment as well as relating area is often a key to habit forming and behavioral intervention.

Harnessing the power of sport as a unifying force, we're committed to empower and transform lives of vulnerable children and youth in poverty stricken communities of Uganda.

This is because Sports does not  only provide a basis for physical fitness and healthy living among children and youth, but it captures the interest of people from all over the world and of all ages from all backgrounds. It is this unique ability to engage young people and bring them together that makes sport the perfect catalyst for sustainable and positive development.

The organization, Kids for Africa Sports Academy is developing its piece of land towards a quality sports facility to help over 5000 vulnerable  children and youth in Uganda to have the best sporting environment to develop their passion into professional careers.

We feel that providing for the needs of the children and youth to fulfill their potential will  facilitate their own personal growth and development, while offering skills training, health and education are keys to changing the African narrative and factor to sustainable development.

The facility will be one answer to thousands of questions from children and youth on how to reach their dreams. The facility will be full residential center that will incorporate 2 sand grass soccer fields, running track, 2 netball courts, health center, school and a well relaxing accommodation center for international volunteers and the student- athletes. Therefore the facility will be the  top ranked sports academy in East and Central Africa with a holistic sporting and educational atmosphere for children and youth.

Therefore please contribute to our cause to first build the first phase of our center thus( 2 sand grass soccer fields and a school ) .Each donation will mean a lot towards the accomplishment of the Fields and school by 2021 while optimizing the development of young talents and bright minds in Uganda.

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