Keeping The Kids Healthy! Cleaning Outside A Creche In Gugs

On 29 June the environmental champions in Gugulethu gathered to clean the area just outside a creche. The walkway to the creche had previously been choking in rubbish due to illegal dumping, but the community rallied to clean and beautify the area, with tyre barriers, tables and chairs. Unfortunately, the culprits then started dumping right outside the creche, creating a health hazard and danger for the children!

Despite the intermittent rain and biting wind the committed youths sifted through rubble to remove plastic, glass, nappies, and other waste. Although the building rubble is impossible to remove by hand, about 30 bags of rubbish was cleaned and the area was leveled. Hopefully, clear safe access to the creche will now prevent the kids from getting sick!

The reward after a hard morning of work was a hearty chicken curry provided by PEC and kindly and expertly cooked by Gogo’s kitchen.

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