WorldCleanUpDay 2020 Gugulethu Clean-Up

What a day! #WorldCleanUpDay2020 took place on Saturday, 19 September. The country and coastlines were electric with citizens doing their bit for a cleaner world to live in. We celebrated the day #upstream in Gugulethu Cape Town with a passionate group of 42 youths to clean up selected dumping hotspots in the community. Many of these youths were involved in PEC’s July Awareness event and August community clean-up. These inspired community champions are showing impressive initiative and are fast becoming environmental stewards tackling pollution at the heart of their neighbourhood.

With such a great turnout of youths and joined by the City of Cape Town Green Jobs Department, we split into three teams to tackle three dumping hotspots nearby. In 2 hours almost 500 bags of rubbish were collected! That’s over 2 tons of litter that was prevented from ending up in our oceans, rivers, and other areas where litter has no place. 

A big thank you to our partners who added both support in the cleanup as well as goodies for the youth members: Laughtons Hardware for citrus trees and paints to be used in public spaces, BiddyKins for reusable menstrual pads, City of Cape Town Green Jobs department for assisting to clean and removal of the waste, Adidas ZA for recognizing and rewarding those involved in the clean up with soccer balls and #gugulethucan Pamela and Team for their support and engagement.




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