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Imagine a world without sound; total silence.  No birdsong or conversation to be had.  No music to listen to or to share laughter.  Hearing a baby crying for the first time.  Listening to running water or hearing the traffic noise.  What about danger sounds?

Imagine that and a stigma attached to disability, then add poverty into the picture and life becomes unbearable! 

Julie Horner a retired UK Audiologist set up the Audiology project 11 years ago after visiting Neema Crafts with People against Poverty.  Visiting now bi-annually, Julie assesses, makes the ear moulds on site and issues appropriate hearing aids and batteries.

Julie’s work also extends to supporting the children from the local Deaf School.  She has helped transform the lives of the children recently fitted with hearing aids. The older children have been able to pass their exams for the senior school as they can hear and understand so much more.

The teachers have been thrilled with the difference it has made to all the children but also for them, as it’s easier to communicate with the children.

Some people are able to learn to use their voice and others may be limited to environmental sounds, but by using the combination of hearing, lipreading and sign can only enhance lives and open up opportunities for them.