African penguin - rebuilding a population

So what do we need from you?

The average cost per penguin chick from rescue to release is R1200.00.

This cost includes:

  • buying fish,
  • veterinary services,
  • medication,
  • cleaning materials,
  • disinfectant,
  • did we mention buying fish?

African penguins are very good parents, but they are faced with a set of challenges that sometimes makes it difficult to raise their off-spring. These challenges are unfortunately all man made.

The guano that they used to burrow their nests in was scraped off the islands and sold for fertiliser. Imagine that we bulldozed your home and levelled it with the ground. You now have to deal with whatever the elements throw at you without any cover.

The African penguin population has plummeted and at present active conservation actions are required to stabilise the numbers. #EveryBirdCounts and as part of the African penguin biodiversity management plan, we do intervene.

CapeNature constantly monitor the conditions of chicks on Dyer Island. If heavy rain floods nests and chicks are suffering from exposure or if chicks are abandoned they will rescue these chicks. The chicks are raised at the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary (APSS) and released back on Dyer Island as soon as they are ready to face the perils of the ocean.

So what is it like to care for this crèche? Imagine having newborn triplets, a terrible two’s toddler, an intrepid 5-year-old explorer and several teenagers, now times this with three. The dedicated, well bitten and scratched staff at the APSS, work long hours to tend to our temporary charges. We have a great penguin sushi bar preparing sardine slivers, fillets and small tails for the little patients.

The “soothing” noise of the washing machine is constantly droning in the background washing well soiled penguin towels.

Bottom-line – your contribution will make a difference in the ultimate
survival of the African penguin. Our rescue and rehabilitation efforts form
part of the bigger plan to ensure the survival of this iconic species.

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    17 July 2019

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    28 March 2019

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