Pebbles Project Volunteer Challenge

The success of our organisation would not be possible without the willing and able volunteers who give of their time to ensure our beneficiaries benefit from their knowledge, experience and generosity. Since the beginning of the organisation we have seen and continue to receive volunteers and interns who help to roll out some existing and new programmes at Pebbles Project.

We have decided to launch the Pebbles super-fantastic volunteer challenge for  the below reasons:

1) To improve the lives of our beneficiaries – the funds that they raise will allow us to maintain and expand our services to our beneficiaries

2) To raise awareness of the work that Pebbles does

3) Get a chance to see some of our volunteers again

Support our volunteers in this challenge as they raise funds that enable us to continue supporting the children and families in the wine and fruit farminhg communities of the Western Cape. 

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  1. Cassey Lauvenberg

    20 April 2019

  2. Mirthe Koster

    13 April 2019

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