Charity is a party!

We are campaigning to raise funds for a fantastic initiative, that:

  • Takes donated clothing and food to feed kids and help parents, and to feed sick animals
  • Prepares kids’ meals
  • Sorts donated clothing
  • Spends some time with the children and cleans up animal cages and puppy pens.

Meet "Charity begins with Me":

Operating from a CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)-centre in a township on the Jhb West Rand, you will find Stephan and his volunteers on Sundays, looking after kids, some of whom have walked 10km for this meal.

Volunteers help where they can: the CLAW-centre-yard is being cleaned, meals are prepared, kids are being fed and puppies are being fed and played with.

The best thing for me as volunteer, is that all donations received in the previous week, are applied on the Sunday!

Have a look at their official Facebook Page here.

This initiative receives food and clothing from the community, no money. That's where we come in: to raise as much money as possible, to shop for food and extras, for these kids and animals.

Be amazed by this, be excited by this and support this campaign!

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    1 March 2018

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    26 February 2018

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    26 February 2018

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