Overheads Anonymous

As potential donors, we understand that you want to know that your contribution is going directly to a charitable cause – that it has a direct, positive effect on someone in need. There is, however, a societal stigma that sees contributions to the day-to-day operating expenses (or overheads) of a charitable organisation as an ‘irresponsible’ or misdirected use of donated funds.

This stigma needs to change for the long term success of NPO's.

Our Top 5 Reasons to become a regular donor towards the “stuff” no one sees:

1. Your contribution goes towards recruitment and employing skilled employees who are specialists within their fields – advocacy, research, marketing etc – enabling us to operate at optimal efficiency and achieve the desired objectives for the many families who depend on us.

2. It aids in securing our office space which has become a safe-haven for many a patient or family member requiring a hand to help or a shoulder to cry on.

3. It contributes towards our advertising and promotional budget which ensures that any amount donated will be returned ten-fold as we reach new potential donors we may not have been able to otherwise.

4. Investing in our organisation means an investment in fundraising ability and the opportunity to multiply any amounts donated exponentially.

5. It ensures that someone can work on the cause every hour of the day, to provide a collective voice for the minority with a rare condition and effectively utilise the power of numbers to effect positive change.

Help us to keep the lights on (literally), so we can provide the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for Rare patients & families.