Imagine. You and your family are poor and hungry. You need to find work, or start a business, or learn a new skill. Many of us just go to the Internet to look for a job or for advice. BUT millions of people in South Africa cannot do this. They do not know where to start. Many people have a smartphone but only use if for WhatsApp or Facebook. 

Does this matter? Yes. "Digital skills provide the poor a catalyst to break out of the cycle of poverty and empower themselves." G20, 2018

SHARP Digital's courses give people the digital skills to find a job, promote a business and access a world of information. They work on a smartphone or tablet (i.e. the device people have at their fingertips). They are short, easy and fun to do. They are also FREE because if you are poor and hungry, you do not have the resources to pay for learning. 

SHARP Digital and its learners need your support so: 

  • MORE learners can take the courses, and 
  • SHARP Digital can CREATE more courses. 

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