Help us support over 1500 children and families in the farm working communities of the Western Cape through access to education, nutrition, health and other intervention services.

All funds raised through the sale of these entries will contribute to our carefully constructed Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum for children between the ages of 0 – 6 which includes all the necessary resources, equipment, parent support and educational support. We believe that investing in early childhood care and education can be a powerful way to reduce gaps in cognitive and socio-emotional skills that often put children with low social and economic status at a disadvantage. Studies have shown that the return on such investments are highest among poorer children, for whom early childhood programmes may serve as a stepping stone out of poverty and exclusion.

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  1. Rod Hunter

    3 April 2018

  2. Monica Bewak

    31 March 2018

  3. Timothy Cumming

    29 March 2018

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