Oceans Without Borders

With an increasing number of factors affecting the health of the world’s marine resources, Africa Foundation in partnership with andBeyond is embarking on an initiative to preserve Africa's key fragile marine eco-systems. Africa Foundation understands that community development and conservation go hand-in-hand, and through Oceans Without Borders, we aim to upskill, uplift and empower the communities living on Benguerra and Vamizi Islands in Mozambique and those on Zanzibar, through various community-identified programmes.

Alongside this, an extensive marine conservation programme aims to research the fragile eco-systems within the 2,000 km of wild African coastline, monitor endangered species, and guide the actions needed to mitigate the threats and ensure the preservation of this precious eco-system.

Nothing we do is without consultation and knowledge exchange, and this programme involves the development of locally relevant conservation lessons and debates for school aged children, and community stakeholders.

Your support to Oceans Without Borders, assists us in achieving all of the above goals, having a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people living in Mozambique and Zanzibar and the marine wildlife surrounding them.

Thank you for being part of this amazing, innovative and exciting initiative with us!

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  1. Kai Einheuser

    12 December 2018

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