We believe that children will not be motivated to care for the environment unless they feel a sense of respect, love and connection to the earth. Therefore, our Programmes aim to give children opportunities to experience nature, rather than read about it in a textbook.

In addition, time in nature can be very healing for children growing up in communities with challenges such as unemployment, gangsterism, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Nurture an Eco Warrior through one of our following Programmes:

  • R250 - provides one child with one hike
  • R250 - provides one child with classroom worm farming & gardening for a year
  • R1000 - provides one child with weekly extra-mural Eco Clubs for a year

The Earthchild Project  is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in disadvantaged schools in Cape Town, South Africa. Working with children and teachers our educational programmes focus on the environment, health and life-skills. We teach practical skills such as yoga, mindfulness & organic gardening to over 3500 children and 300 teachers. Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of healthy, confident and conscious young leaders.

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