Support a new generation of Eco Warriors in South Africa - just R250 / $20 / €16 sponsors one child for a year.

Around the world there is a growing awareness of climate change, environmental destruction, and the increasing need for action to reduce our footprint and better care for the natural world. 

Our Eco Warrior Clubs were created in response to these challenges. Our aim is first to inspire the youth to fall in love with the environment so that they will be motivated to care for and protect it. In addition we aim to give children the practical skills to do so and the belief that even at a young age, they can make a positive difference! 

The Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in disadvantaged schools in Cape Town, South Africa. Working with children and teachers our educational programmes focus on the environment, health and life-skills. We teach practical skills such as yoga, mindfulness & organic gardening to over 3500 children and 300 teachers. Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of healthy, confident and conscious young leaders.

Take a look at the work we do.

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