SAFCEI and Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, have launched a court case that challenges the legality of the nuclear procurement process and are asking for everyone’s help. We need to raise funds to cover the legal costs of a case that government keeps drawing out. We ask for your contributions – the smallest donations are welcome. Every rand counts!

South Africa cannot afford the 1 Trillion Rand (R1 000 000 000 000) price tag, which (according to previous data of nuclear builds around the world) could easily double. Even just looking into the nuclear option, is costing the country more than R200 million. This money would have been better spent on addressing our education crisis.

Taking the decision to procure nuclear, could bankrupt our country, especially since much lower-cost options are available such as renewable energy. And many political and economic analysts agree that proceeding with nuclear will be a worse corruption nightmare, than the arms deal. A deal which wasted estimated billions of rand in taxpayers money.

Uranium mining – the dirty under-belly of nuclear – will start up again in the Karoo, which will endanger the health of people and livestock as they are exposed to toxic radioactive dust and pollute South Africa's precious ground water aquifers.

More nuclear energy will not bring energy justice to South Africa, since nuclear energy will be more costly than the current mix. This means that a reliable energy supply will remain outside the grasp of many South Africans, and we have to question: Who is government doing the nuclear deal for?

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